Monday, August 13, 2012

The Zeiteist Media Festival - a visual and auditory feast

The Zeitgeist Media Festival was awesome! The organizers had kindly invited us to table during the event and we had a nice setup in the beautiful lobby of the Avalon Theater in Hollywood. They did a great job of putting together a well-organized, informative, and fun festival full of art, music, film, and poetry.

We talked with more people than ever and I realized that it was so much more fun than tabling at other events because those who understand the fundamental philosophy behind the Zeitgeist Movement are already prepped to understand the Holigent concept. Not only to understand it, but to know how needed it is and to get excited about making it happen!

The amazing thing about The Zeitgeist Movement is how diverse its participants are. We talked to high school students, seniors, men, women, artists, architects, lawyers, people of all ethnicities... What they all have in common is a deep and globally aware consciousness, intelligence, and enthusiasm.

Occasionally I stepped from the lobby into the theater and absorbed some of the rich and diverse sounds and sights of the festival. It was a unique and inspiring event to experience and be a part of. I look forward to future Zeitgeist events and fruitful collaborations.

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