Thursday, April 26, 2012

Multiple Dimensions at the LA Times Festival of Books

Holigent had a nice big booth at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books held on the lovely campus of USC. We created a brief hanging display introducing our founder's story and motivation for developing the Holigent concept.

On both days of the weekend festival we had wonderful volunteers helping out at the booth and enjoying the festival which was overwhelmingly expansive and included a large variety of vendors, authors, and organizations.

As an attention grabber and conversation piece, we placed one of my dad's original Holigent Urban Village models at the front of the booth. Interestingly, kids particularly loved it! Throughout the day children and teens were drawn to the model, pulling their parents over to it, asking questions and telling me where they would live in it.

My theory is that since so many toys and games are now digital, this miniature city made of good old fashioned three-dimensional wooden blocks was extremely appealing.  Let's face it, we humans live in and are attuned to interact with a three-dimensional world. It's what is most familiar to us and what most fully engages all of our senses. No matter how vivid a digital "sim city", you cannot feel it's texture.

Despite our ever-advancing technology, we are people, not machines. Our thoughts and feelings can never be fully expressed in sound bites, tweets, or status updates; our complex, colorful world can never be reproduced by pixels; quality of life can never be measured in gigabytes; and a caring caress can never be felt through a computer screen.

Cannot and should not. As society evolves, a great challenge will be how to best utilize technology to enhance our lives without letting it shred the delicate social fabric that is the essence of our humanity.

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  1. Elisa using the model is a great idea, people need to see something to get more excited about it. Soon you will have a picture of the land you will be able to buy, then a picture of the first building being built etc..