Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tribe Magazine Feature

My father, Nicholas, and I, and our work at are the subject of an article in the December issue of Tribe Magazine. The reporter who interviewed us did a wonderful and very detailed job of telling our story and describing the Holigent concept. The article is available online, but the printed version has a much nicer layout. The magazine is free and you can pick up a copy at a location near you

Give it a read and let me know what you think. I love the quote by Thoreau at the end - very inspiring and motivating.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Crisp Fall Day Tabling at Occupy LA

Hoping to open discussions and unite people interested in solutions not dependent on waiting around for government, we set up a table in the plaza on the south side of LA City Hall. This is the main gathering ground of Occupy LA - the site of many group activities and meetings including the nightly General Assembly. It was surprisingly cold so I sat shivering by our table for several hours reading Jared Diamond's "Collapse."  However, many came up to read or talk about our solution proposal and take a flier and during these interactions the cold was forgotten and the engaging dialogue interspersed with lighthearted laughter warmed me up.

It is easy to feel discouraged in this work, especially when time crawls by in the cold broken by the occasional babble of a homeless man not in his right mind. But what counts are the thoughtful and intelligent people I do eventually meet who eagerly discuss our idea, share their own stories, and welcome collaboration. The seeds of great change often have quiet beginnings.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good Signs at Occupy LA

My father is always thinking about effective ways to share our concept so he designed some signs to set up along the planting bed next to our tent at Occupy LA so that people could read about the core of the Holigent Solution even when we were not present. We hammered stakes into the soil and attached the signs we had printed, forming a neat and effective display that caught the attention of occupiers and passersby alike. Many even stopped to photograph the signs or approach us to find out more.

We are fortunate to have a home to return to after working during the day at the Occupy LA camp so at night our empty tent became coveted by occupiers. We were happy to lend the shelter to those in need provided they left it empty and clean each morning. Unfortunately, one night we received a call that some people apparently were fighting over who got to sleep in the tent and one of the angry individuals was defacing our signs. We hurried down in the morning but the signs were completely gone and someone had taken over our tent. To prevent further conflicts, we decided it was best to take down the tent and not have any fixed setup.

We made a simple sign inviting people to discuss alternate solutions, meaning ones not dependent on government action, gave out fliers sharing our idea and simply walked around the camp. The plaza was buzzing with activity as it was the day after the two marches in which many arrests were made. We were interviewed by several students researching the movement, an independent reporter, Univision channel 34, and even abc7!

Univision only used one sentence I said that fit into the story they were reporting on, but I later found out that our interview with abc7 aired on TV! I am working on locating it online to see exactly what was used, but in any case it is exciting to get such exposure. (Let me know if you saw me and my dad on TV around the evening of Friday, November 18!).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy LA Here We Come!

When the Occupy Movement gained momentum and began popping up in cities all over the United States and the world, we knew this would be a critical time in history and that the Holigent Solution could potentially serve as an important ally. I bid farewell to Santa Barbara, moved back to Los Angeles, and the very next day my dad and I went down to Occupy LA at City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. First we just set up a table on the south lawn at the corner of 1st St. and Main St. with display boards we had from our previous tabling around LA and Santa Barbara.

After realizing this prime spot was the only one left, dad ran home to get a large black tent that we set up with a TV and chairs to show our explanatory video and hold discussions with interested people. Our power source? Solar of course!

In addition to sharing our idea for a solution that would address the concerns of the Occupy Movement, and many more, we are appealing to the members of the 1% that stand with the 99% who can pioneer this solution by donating to fund our first experimental Holigent Village.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lights, Camera, ACTION! The Holigent iMovie

My father and I wanted to be able to introduce ourselves and the Holigent concept in an engaging and more personal way online so we began putting together a video that is now available for online viewing at the link below. It was written, filmed, and edited entirely by me and my father, which gave us a little taste of the trials and tribulations all too familiar to those in the entertainment industry. Slathered in face powder to reduce shine, fighting occasional giggle fits, and patiently repeating multiple takes, we managed to keep straight faces long enough to film and edit a polished video and we are happy with the final product. Take a look at the Holigent iMovie. Go ahead and chuckle when we come out wearing hard hats, it's ok, we did too.