Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Epiphanies and Mental Lightbulbs - Ding!

We are in the midst of some insights, changes, strategic planning and all around commotion so we are taking a rest from our excursions to develop our new plan of action and related resources.  Let me tell you about my own recent epiphanies.

Upon finishing graduate school and deciding to join the Holigent Team, I dove into the work without taking a moment to consider that while my Dad has spent much of his life pondering and developing the Hoiligent concept, I have had a comparatively tiny amount of time in which to learn about it.  Little by little I realized that while I focused on promoting the concept's vehicle - Holigent Urban Villages - I did not fully grasp the whole philosophy itself.  This realization caused more than a little anxiety on my part and so I requested a meeting with my dear Dad with the hopes of straightening things out in my mind and gaining the direction I needed to successfully and joyfully do my job as Holigent's Managing Director.

In early August, on the warm Sunday morning after my family's annual summer reunion in Los Angeles, my Dad and I went to brunch at M Cafe in Culver City.  I had not known they were a vegetarian and nondairy restaurant but my tofu breakfast burrito was quite good as was my Dad's oatmeal.  His coffee was another story as things like stevia sweetener and soy milk in my Dad's sacred cappuccino are things so alien I think he found it quite disturbing.  Our meeting on the other hand made up for the gnarly coffee and then some.  After I explained my concerns, my Dad recounted the touching and poignant story of his life long search for answers to the harsh questions that life had time after time forced him to ask. Not only did he clear up the details of the Holigent concept, he thoroughly inspired and motivated me and I think we both gained new insight and energy.  

I imagine we left that meeting with little cartoon lightbulbs over our heads and in the week following solidified a new understanding and approach to the Holigent mission.  I returned to reading my Dad's second book titled "SocioEconomic Synergism," which he published in 1996 and pieced together key lines like a puzzle until in two pages I succinctly summarized the core of the underlying philosophy and could see the whole picture clearly.  We both realized that first and foremost, we must teach this new holistic philosophy of sustainability to every individual we can reach because one cannot hope to change society without a change in the mindset of the individuals of which it is comprised.  We stubborn humans have held onto our reductionistic, fragmented world views for far too long and they will eventually lead to our demise if we do not free ourselves of them and adopt a significantly better one.

Therefore, I redefine myself as an educator and consultant of a new philosophy of sustainability for our single society-economy-environment global system.

Subsequently, our roadtrip is now not only about petitioning and promoting Holigent Urban Villages, but giving presentations, talks and discussions, much in the spirit of Al Gore, to teach the fundamental Holigent philosophy.  Stay tuned for our new resources and to find out where we will be presenting when we set out on the road once again!