Monday, June 21, 2010

Banner Building Begins

In this age of computers where so much exists only on a screen, I get a strange thrill when I see something that was designed on a screen suddenly created in the real three dimensional world.  What started as a concept for our Holigent Roadtrip mobile banner was then designed on a screen, a mere digital image I saw and commented on several versions of.  The final file was sent to a flag and banner printer, and those little digital rectangles are now huge, real, tangible Holigent banners!  It is obviously magic. I will attempt to contain my giddiness long enough to share photos with you documenting my father's super skills as he builds our complete banner trailer.  Another thing that always amazes me: If he can dream it up he can build it (and often does) and if it's broken, chances are he can fix it!  When I was little, my Dad was like Superman to me... not much has changed :D   (Happy Father's Day!)

As we start out on our trips, we will post our routes, next location, and events as much in advance as possible to give you the chance to come out and join us!  Come learn more or volunteer; we are recruiting volunteers for both in person and online opportunities.  Email me (elisa[at]holigent[dot]org) if you would like to help collect petition signatures, talk to people about our project, or can help with getting the word out to the public, media, and officials.